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Welcome to REAP's website!
Breaking News Below!

David Kitt has left the band for good! More or less David said that he felt that "he was not right for singing" and that " the band wasn't really his thing". This news has come as a shock to the band but they will keep making music as REAP in the forseable future. There are no hard feelings between the band and David, and REAP wish David well in what ever he decides to do.

However fear not REAP fans of the globe we have aquired the skills of a new vocalist! His name...Richard Clarke. Not only does Richard sing he is very talented on the guitar as well. So this will be helpful for any rythymical parts that might be in a song.REAP welcome Richard aboard and hope that we will have many more musical years together.

REAP are a band who are just having a bit of a laugh. We all enjoy making and listening to music we are always the first peolple to make fun of our selves. Our mascot is a REAPER who you will see on all three of the REAP sites on the web. Check all the links on the left to find out about REAP!

About The Site

This website is for the band REAP. They are a band who will incorperate all of their musical aspects in to the music which they make. To find out about the band click on About The Band. Why dont you sign the guest book so we get to know the fans. But what ever you do don't ever go away because I have some big plans for this site.

Always Under Construction

This site is always under construction. There are still many ways to change it so you come back. So it seems my work is never done. But I will however always make this site better. I can always improve on it. If you have any ideas on how I could improve this page either send us an e-mail or write in our Guest Book either way let the Reaper know whats going on.

Look and see just how many visitors I have had since 8/4/00. Probably not very many at all! But what the hey.

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